The Unborn 2020 (2020)

Plot:In 2004, live-in nurse Fiona Landers leaves a house in Tokyo, disturbed by events she has witnessed inside. Fiona informs her co-worker that she is returning to America before encountering the ghost of Kayako Saeki. Fiona arrives at her home on 44 Reyburn Drive in a small town in Pennsylvania, reuniting with her husband Sam and young daughter Melinda. Kayako’s curse, however, possesses Fiona, causing her to bludgeon Sam to death and drown Melinda before committing suicide by stabbing herself in the throat.

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Detectives Goodman and Wilson investigate the murders. Unsettled by the house, Goodman refuses to enter it while Wilson enters to scope out the scene. Upon exiting, Wilson slowly starts to lose his sanity and eventually becomes hysterical when he spots Fiona’s ghost outside Goodman’s car; after which he attempts to commit suicide by shooting himself, but is unsuccessful. This leaves Wilson with a disfigured face and committed to a psychiatric asylum while Goodman stops looking into the case.

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Runtime: n/A
Release Date: 01 May 2020

Starcast: Manni L. Perez, Clifton Samuels, Jesse R. Tendler, J. Richey Nash, Brian David Tracy

Director(s): Tal Lazar
Genre: Horror,

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