Article 15 (2019) 

Plot: In view of the socio-political circumstance of India, the lives of cops are pursued. In a nation where separation is all over, regardless of whether identified with race or standing, the officials set out on a voyage of acknowledgment and change. The film starts with a gathering of townspeople in Laalgaon occupied with a tune while three Dalit young ladies are caught in a school transport and are assaulted by a couple of men. Ayan Ranjan (Ayushmann Khurrana), a St. Stephens College graduate and an Indian Police Service official, is as of late presented on Laalgaon as the vice president of region police and is heartily invited by officials Bhramadatt Singh (Manoj Pahwa) and Jatav (Kumud Mishra). He is acquainted with the position separation the town faces when he stops to purchase a jug of water from a nearby shop to which an official reveals to him that they are not permitted to have their water as the shop has a place with individuals having a place with a lower rank. He faces a comparable circumstance at his appreciated gathering where he is given a new plate to eat while attempting to eat from Jatav’s plate. The extremely following day, it is demonstrated that the two young ladies who were assaulted in the transport have been swung from a tree, while the third young lady Pooja is as yet absent. During the posthumous assessment of the bodies, Dr. Malti Ram (Ronjini Chakraborty) discovers that the young ladies were assaulted, however is persuaded by Bhramadutt to defer the report as well as to compose that the young ladies were killed and not assaulted with the goal that the case turns into that of respect murdering. In the mean time, Jatav and his men are undermined and their jeep consumed by Nishaad’s (a progressive) group so as to get quick equity. On observing this, Ayan understands the gravity of the circumstance and chooses to dive further for this situation until the exploited people gets equity. Then again, Bhramadutt is attempting to close the case at the most punctual and convinces Ayan to do as such too on the affection that the case is false. It is just when Gaura (Sayani Gupta), a relative of the young ladies illuminates him that they used to work for a nearby developer named Anshu Naharia and had as of late requested an expansion in their compensation by just Rs. 3 that the examination gets increasingly genuine. Ayan chooses to call Anshu for request despite the fact that Bhramadutt influences him not to do as such. During cross examination Anshul says that the young ladies were rebuffed with the goal that the whole rank would be helped to remember their status. On getting some information about their status, he answers, “Their status is the thing that we give them”. This profoundly irritates Ayan as he gets the opportunity to see the escape clauses behind the political framework. He instantly chooses to “un-mess” the chaos and the following morning, he puts the Article 15 of the Indian Constitution on the board as a suggestion to all the cops to most importantly Indians and that any sort of station segregation is a criminal offense. What occurs next structures the essence of the story.
Runtime: 130 min
Release Date: 28 Jun 2019

Starcast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Ronjini Chakraborty, Aakash Dabhade, Sayani Gupta

Director(s): Anubhav Sinha
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller,

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