Hatchback (2019) 

Plot: Wyatt, a skeptical narcoleptic who lives in a lemon house-like condo, needs to be a columnist. His profession dreams are about dashed when he sees a puzzling young lady named Fern living on his square in a 88′ Toyota Tercel hatchback. Greenery’s dad disappeared and accepted dead when she was a small kid living in Montana. Subsequent to accepting an obscure letter from an outsider named Dr. Green, disclosing to her that her dad is alive and living in LA, she chooses to go search for him herself. Together the two set off on a voyage to locate Fern’s tricky father among the abandoned corners of the city, while building up a not all that non-romantic enthusiasm for one another en route.
Runtime: 86 min
Release Date: 20 Aug 2019

Starcast: Larkin Bell, Sri Chilukuri, Myles Cranford, Michelle Gallagher, Will Gumm

Director(s): Eric H. Sheffield
Genre: Comedy,
IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5982922/

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