Barot House (2019) 

Plot: Barot House is an anticipation show film about an upper white collar class Indian family got in the tornado of homicide and wrongdoing. Amit Barot, the patriarch of the Barot House lives in a peaceful neighborhood in Daman with his family including his better half, mother, and 4 kids 3 little girls and a child (and the fifth in transit!) Suddenly, the family is tormented with sick destiny and numerous killings begin occurring in and around the Barot House. Things get muddled on the grounds that everybody is a suspect. Nobody can tell the blameworthy from the innocent.Trapped in this bloodfest, Amit and Bhavana’s relationship is getting stressed.,

Runtime: n/A
Release Date: 07 Aug 2019

Starcast: Kishaa Arora, Manjari Fadnnis, Aseem Hattangadi, Alefia Kapadia, Aaryan Menghji

Director(s): Bugs Bhargava
Genre: Thriller,

Barot House (2019)  Mp4 Movie Download

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